Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So this past weekend was Oktoberfest. München here we come (came?)! Anyway, there was a bus of MUDECers going to Oktoberfest, leaving at 11pm Friday night, and getting there at 6am Saturday. Then they hang out in München all day and get back on the bus at 11pm Saturday night for the trip back. That sounded like a recipe for a vomit-filled bus and way too much hooking up in one small area, so we passed on that. Fortunately, the monks that Daryl and John stayed with this summer offered us a room, so we had a place to stay. (The hostels had been booked up forever.) So we took a nice long train ride there, at some points on the ICE (Inter City Express) trains in Deutschland going 250 kph (170 mph). It took us about 8.5 hours to get from Luxembourg City to München. On the way, we got sausages from a vending machine in Köblenz. They were mediocre, but getting hot sausages from a vending machine had to be done. Once in München we took a cab to the Weisse Väters cloister. The monks gave us food and beer, which was awesome, so we ate, drank beer, had a shot of cherry schnapps with the monks, and hit the sack. The next morning we woke up relatively early and hit the Oktoberfest parade, which was interesting, lots of horses decked out in full ornate regalia (does that make sense?). After the parade we left the grounds and wandered around the city. We saw a bunch of really awesome buildings, gothic and baroque. We saw a gigantor church, but we couldn’t go inside. Also, Daryl wandered into a church on some random street, and when we followed him, it was fantastic. The most ornate church I have ever seen. It must have been baroque, with bright, bold colors, and decorations on top of decorations. I’ll put a picture on webshots, but it was dark, and the picture doesn’t really do it justice.

All through the city we munched on turingers and raspberries. It seems the favored foods were fruit and sausage, so we obliged. We eventually hit the Hofbrauhaus, since, well, it’s the ****ing Hofbrauhaus! You can’t go to Munich and not go there. While we were chilling and playing 2s and 10s over a liter and a half of beer, a couple guys came over and started talking to us. They were originally from Brazil, had lived in England, and were now living in Switzerland, but were currently in Germany for Oktoberfest. Got that? Anyway, they looked very shady, but were absolutely hilarious. They complained about how boring Switzerland was, and how they came to Germany for the beer and German women. Then they said that the way to make Germans happy is to yell loud and incoherently and hold up your beer and everyone around you will do the same. We did this, and it worked!

After the Hofbrauhaus, we headed to Oktoberfest. I can now say I have seen 100.000 drunk people in one place. It was hilariously awesome. We met up with a couple people who took the bus and hung out with them and a couple locals we met there. More beer was consumed from liter steins, cuz hey, it’s OKTOBERFEST! We had a grand old time singing and yelling incoherently so that others would too. We then made it back to the cloister. (On the subway on the way back, there was a drunken German woman who started talking to us about how much Bush sucked. That was amusing.)

The next morning, Justin and I woke up early and left for the train station, and after the travel agent tried to send us to Lendzberg, instead of Luxembourg, we got on the right train, and had a loooooooooong uneventful train ride home.

Monday evening we went to see the Luxembourg Philharmonic. Luxembourg just built a new concert hall with tax money and it is magnificent. Very much modern-art looking, but still very good looking. Inside the “Big Hall” is absolutely incredible. The box seats are in like towers, and the entire place just looks like a million bucks. The organ is incredible. There’s a concert with an organ symphony and an organ concerto that I now MUST go to. We get 40 free tickets every week, and all you do is sign up and you can go. Daryl, John, and I put on our suits, tied our ties (that was difficult) and headed to the Chateau where a bus was to drive us to the hall. They played Brahms, a violin concerto and a symphony. Both pieces were good, not spectacular, but very good. Unfortunately, Justin’s roommates, who both use air by breathing that could be put to much better use than sustaining their lives, were obnoxiously loud during the entire thing. They had gotten drunk beforehand, and then took a flash picture, talked the whole time, and were flipping through pictures on their digicam with the sound on. I wanted to kill them. However, other than that, it was a very good show.

Tuesday we decided to be French, so Justin, Meredith and I hit up Match, bought a baguette, cheese, and red wine, and headed to Lux City. We went down the 8469872352698379132741692387416 stairs to the valley that surrounds the city and ate and drank and talked about all sorts of nerdy subjects from the German elections to Lord of the Rings.

Next week is field study! Wiemar, Krakow, and Prague, here we come!


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