Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tuesday evening we had a makeup music class. Since our teacher has a performance in Berlin on Monday, we won't have class then. As a result, we made it up at 17.30 Tuesday evening. After class, our teacher, the illustrious George Backes told us that he wanted us to show him the sights of scenic Differdange and find him a Bagel and Deli, which he hates so much. When class ended, everyone just about ran out of the room, so it was left with Daryl, John, Meredith and I to go out with Backes. We went to a nice pizzeria on the main square and Backes conversed with the waiters in French, and ordered a bottle of Luxembourg Rivaner. As we were perusing the menus, Noam and Nate showed up, so it was a bit more of a party. We all ordered, and had a great time, since Backes is so cool. He teaches in Cuba over the summer, and learned Spanish fluently at age 51, just because he liked Cuba. He also told us that we should go to Cuba now that we are in Europe, since Cuba doesn't care if we come in, its the states that cares. He said they dont even stamp your passport. Anyway, we all ate, the meal probably cost over a hundred euros, and Backes picked up the check. Backes offered to drive Meredith and Noam home, since they live in Luxembourg City, and they accepted, since its a train and bus ride otherwise. All in all, a very fun evening with a very cool teacher.


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Chisox World Series bound. Recordings will be made. Get excited people.


17/10/05 05:42  

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