Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Quick one - Last weekend Daryl, John, Matt Klein, Guy and I all went to watch our music teacher's choir perform three cantatas by Bach. Meredith and the wife of a MUDEC teacher were also in the choir. It was very good, the big fat bass soloist was especially good. Afterwards Backes (the music teacher) invited us down to where the choir and other musicians were celebrating, and we hung out there for a while. When Backes was talking to us, Klein mentioned my birthday, and Backes immediately ran to the front of the room and announced in Luxembourgish or German or French or possibly all 3, that it was my birthday and that they should sing. I must say, I have never had so skillful a singing of Happy Birthday. Some were singing in German and some in English, but it was well done. I don't know that I have ever been more embarassed in my life. So that was fun.

Sunday we went to go hiking with Roland Hoff, a MUDEC German and French tutor as well as the resident authority on hiking. This was the same man that Daryl adn I hiked with previously. This time we were in the Mullerthal region, which was very beautiful with strange caves and rock formations all along the trail. Afterwards he had us to dinner. The man has an awesome library, partly taken when his company (ARBED, the Luxembourg steel company, now the 2nd largest in the world) was going to burn their library and he was told to take what he wanted. He has a quite impressive art collection as well. Originals by Salvador Dali among others. He cooked us a great meal and talked all of our ears off.

Next stop, DES PLAINES! I cannot wait to be home and to see all you idiots, get free refills at Denny's, and take a dump without the bathroom stinking horribly. Not to mention meals for less than like $10.



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